25 November 2005

Holla anyone?

Found this site: http://hollabacknyc.blogspot.com/ on blogger homepage. Unbelievable. Have told Jasmeen (http://blanknoiseproject.blogspot.com) about it. (I have to include the URLs in the brackets because the comp I am using right now does not have a fully supported browser. So, some blogger buttons have gone missing.)

Someone recently told me that she doesnt want to have kids because she doesnt want the responsibility of bringing them up. I felt a cold shiver. Forget the shit about individial choice. I feel scared to be around people who dont want responsibility. The world wouldnt have existed if there were more like her. This is not to extoll the virtues of mohterhood, etc. It's just the statement: I dont want responsibility. There's something very cold-blooded about it.

What say?

15 November 2005

In my inbox

Yahoo! put this in my inbox:

"Tip hari ini: Semarakkan email yang Anda kirim dengan variasi huruf, warna, dan gambar.

Surat Yahoo! - Merasa dilupakan?
Jika Anda belum menggunakannya, gunakan wizard cepat untuk mengirim email ke semua kontak Anda – beritahu mereka alamat email Yahoo! Anda yang baru. Klik di sini."

I have no idea what that means, and why Yahoo! put it there. Strange.

Am coming back. Slowly.