27 April 2007

Smart bus drivers?

As a kid, my hubby Linc would wonder, "How do bus drivers know exactly where each person is gonna get off?"

Sometimes, he still manages to come up with similar original thinking.

11 April 2007

Bachche wala ghat

Even the sound of it chills me inside. A place where children are given a sort of a half-burial. It seems Hindu law doesnt provide for cremating children below three years. I didnt know about this.

At first glance, I thought this was something to do with the UP High Court's ruling on minorities. Must say plesantly surprised to know why Hindu priests want to boycott Uttar Pradesh polls. For whatever reason, save the river.

04 April 2007

A lil adda for the soul

I didnt whiz past them yesterday. I had seen them just once before, but obviously they were regulars. They would gather in front of the metro station for a little adda, just before heading home... you know, that lil bit with friends which makes all the difference between drudgery and living.

They were about 7-8 men, all dressed in either semi-cotton or terycot shirts and trousers with their shirts hanging out, and seemed to be animatedly discussing something. And, as it happens, there were cross-conversations that were part of the bigger conversation. A man, perhaps the oldest in the group, was sitting down in the centre of the group on a stool borrowed from the street food vendors.

But I couldnt eavesdrop, I couldnt understand what they were talkin about. Theirs was a language which made no sound. Fingers danced about in the air angrily, and lips moved. But it was all silence to me.

Perhaps that's how it feels to be left out.