28 September 2005


This http://telegraphindia.com/1050928/asp/foreign/story_5293786.asp maybe true, but not so long ago, no one cared much about the Internet either, did they?


Anonymous said...

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Praveen Bhat said...

(While the first comemnt entered is a spam, this one's not :)

Its true that blogging has moved faster than its being recognized by the non-techie masses (*techie* being a broader category that in some way uses internet almost daily). I'm sure Google has bigger plans to *use* blog content too in specific searches on news related items, advts, etc in more ways than they do now. In short, blogging is already business. Did you get to read the news about how one blogger makes huges sums of money by google ads alone?

Vijayalaxmi said...

Damn the spam. I'll have to instal some anti code. And Praveen, your comment is spam. I can see that. No, I didnt know about this blogger you talk about. I heard that Google now provides you with a Word plug-in by which you can type in Word and blog it directly.
Accha, if Google and Microsoft are at each other's throats, why had Google made Talk only for Xp, forcing people to upgrade?

Praveen Bhat said...

Lot of things here in your reply!

1) Switch on word-verification for your comments to avoid spam.
2) Sorry, "And Praveen, your comment is spam. I can see that"? Should I be officially offended? :)
3) Check the link for the blogger who made money.
4) I didn't know that Google & MS are at each other's throats. Anyways... Talk works on 2k also, apart from XP, but it can interact with a lot other clients on other OSs. I'd say that Google may be using 2k/XP features to make the app simpler.

Vijayalaxmi said...

Damn it, am so sorry Praveen. Had actually meant to say that your comment is obviouslt NOT spam. Forgive this scatter brain.

Thanks for the rest.

CodeCanvas said...

Hi ya,
Good to see that you are finally back to blogging. Even though Google talk application is windows based, the protocol is open and you can use any GAIM based client, you can get more information from my blog post named Google / Gmail gets IMed on the same issue. Hope to see more blogging from ya. Have a great day.

Me said...

Where are u girl? stop making babies and write something :D