05 May 2006

How true!

Read Germaine Greer's article in the Guardian on women and leisure.

I remember teasing my mom often that after dad went to office and we went to school, she would probably have a long nap. Coz, what would she do all day? Surely, there couldnt be so much work?!

Mom would smile and say, "Wait, you'll know."

I know now. Though I am not the type of women that Greer talks about who try to clean an already-clean house or who cook a three-course meal, just doing the bare basics around the house and managing office work seems to take up all of my time during weekdays.

That's why Sunday is my dont-even-lift-a-finger day (provided the maid too doesnt think alike, of course).

But havent most of us forgotten the art of leisure? Or is it just women?


AdHocQuirks said...

its only women...

blow said...

women are expected to do so much and still 'accussed' of indulging in 'leisure activities'. it's so frikkin hypocritical!

Praveen Bhat said...

Its true with anyone doing household work in totality. So although I do agree its mostly women, I can't say it only women. I think I've faced a good amount of all that staying alone!