03 December 2006

Fenced in

Land owners in Singur refusing to budge were chased from their land, dragged out of their houses and beaten on live TV, for more than half an hour. Oh yeah, the police were 'provoked' by an acid bulb, and a random stone. The Babus make the police sound like a bunch of criminals who cant be reined in once on the rampage. I guess they are right.

Media was forced to shut their mouths about the Trinamul 'hooliganism' in the Assembly and talk, for once, about broken bones, and not broken furniture.

We shall do whatever is required for industrialisation, said Buddha.

A couple of days ago, I was talking to a very close friend about Singur. The guy's high up in the news business in Delhi. I was trying to convince him about the importance of the protest, about how this was not a 'routine' event even by WB standards. He began by telling me that such land grabs have happened all over the country, and that how the Assembly event was shameful, etc. I gritted my teeth and listened. Then told him that in none of the other states, attempts have been made to seal off the entire village, not even allowing the Leader of the Opposition, or the media (does it matter if such a thing has already happened? Must we get shocked only at a new act of cruelty?.) This conversation was before yesterday's police brutality, else it would have strengthened my argument.

Finally, he was out with it: news is no longer a profession: it's a business. South India, and the metros form our viewership base. (His is an English-language news channel.) West Bengal is not a market.

I was just hoping... there'd be a chance.


SloganMurugan said...

The great Indian land grab. Just a little bit more noisy in WB.

Stupid-news-channels said...

well, more noise created - the best it is. The news channels, for once, should start doing the real stuff. Money would automatically flow in.

They give more time for stupid stories like "Munnabhai is not a terrorist" and all that sort :P

Satya Smrti said...

Thanks for the comment. Made note of this blog!

Vijayalaxmi said...

Slogan: Actually, the noise is quite a lot more than 'just a little bit more.' Maybe it's not audible where you are.

Stupid news channels: When I clicked to see your profile, I ended up at Planet kannada. So, couldnt figure out who you are.

Satya: Hi, hegiddera?