09 May 2007

My thoughts as I flipped through the current issue of Down to Earth:

Tiger farming
According to a new proposal to save tigers, its better to commercially farm them, because we havent been able to stop illegal poaching so far. God!! What's with this urge to domesticate, to use, to consume?! Tigers are not an essential commodity, I thought. Maybe am wrong. Somehow, I found this proposal very weird.

Public hearing for Posco project in Orissa inconclusive

The agitators received a boost with leaders of Orissa Gana Parishad, cpi, cpi(m) and the Janata Dal (s) submitting a memorandum to the prime minister demanding shifting of the project. “Let the project be shifted to barren stretches instead of fertile agricultural land,” the memorandum said.

Now, really? Look who's talking!

Ahmedabad's Narmada water supply scheme not working out

What do we get after drowning all those villages and evacuating thousands of people? A water supply sytem which is so unviable, no one wants it.


Praveen R. Bhat said...

I'm not sure if this proposal differs from other animal breeding ones, but the reasoning "because we haven't been able to stop illegal poaching" is downright ridiculous!

Praveen R. Bhat said...

As for Narmada waters, a lot has already gone under water, I hope the scheme survives after all! Over time, perhaps, it will.

An awareness needs to be created (apart from pricing Narmada distribution lower) that its unfair towards the environment and coming generations to deplete ground water when other resources are available. (This is not to support the dam issue that caused chaos earlier.)

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