28 July 2007

When I said goodbye
I wondered
If I'd left something behind.
Then it came to me.
As long as you say goodbye
There's always something left behind.


annie said...

good one!

Vijayalaxmi Hegde said...

:) thank yee

Anonymous said...

kannaDada para chintane, charche, hot discussions
ella ee hosa blog alloo nadeetide. illoo bhAgavahisONa banni !


- KattEvu kannaDada naaDa, kai joDisu baara !

Prashanth M said...

so true...

The Guy Next Door said...

In such situations, the scars remain either way - Doesnt really matter if you say goodbye or not, or how. Thats the way it works unfortunately. Just consider it a war-wound and move on :D

Vijayalaxmi said...

Prashanth: Hi, tried to leave a comment on your blog, didnt work.

Guy: I guess so. Nice to have you here. :)