23 January 2009

Google Chrome Review

After you use Firefox, your expectations from a browser are high. And, frankly, I had expected Google Chrome to be at least similar to, if not better than, Firefox.

Yet, I will say that I like the clean look of Chrome and the search functionality of the address bar (Omnibox) is handy. And, it hasn't crashed once. Also, I like the fact that related tabs are kept together. Neat.

But, apart from that, I find quite a few things missing, and I find them more disappointing because this is a Google product.

Like, for instance, if I want to see all the pages I visited, there is no drop-down button on the address bar, or on the back button of the browser. Do they assume, that I will always open a new tab to see the screenshots of the pages I visited or that I will open the 'history' folder?! Ridiculous.

Also, the back button on the browser sometimes refuses to work if I click it just once. It takes at least two clicks to get it moving.

Plus, how do I bookmark a page in just a click or two on Chrome? No idea.

And, new mail on Gmail is slightly slower to show up on Chrome!!! I have actually seen this with both Firefox and Chrome open.

Again, it is very irritating to have to download the Google toolbar for their own browser. I mean, you didnt have to make it this lean.

Maybe I am not fully aware of the solutions to these issues listed below, but am an above average internet user. If things are not obvious to me, something is wrong.


Anonymous said...

Hi V! Stumbled across your blog post and wanted to share some tips, since I'm a Chrome fan :) You can press the back button down (for 2-3 seconds) to see a list of pages you've visited. To bookmark a page, click the star in the address bar. Hope you'll give the browser a few more chances!

Vijayalaxmi Hegde said...

Oh thanks! I will continue to use Chrome for some time now, because the beta releases of firefox are crashing too often. One thing that you cant deny about Chrome is the speed.

Would have loved it if you left your name. Are you from Google, btw?

Alok said...


just came across ur page. try chrome seriously for a few days and u will be hooked.

for sure, i am no way related to google and i did use firefox with 14 extensions.


Viju said...

Hi Alok,

I actually asked Anon if he/she was from Google only because someone from the Mountainvew office visited my site.

You can speak up for Chrome and I wont accuse you of working for Google :)

And yes, am continuing to use Chrome.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just few comments:

You can see the history of your current tab by holding down the back button, or you can right click it if you are impatient.

Bookmarks can be added simply by pressing the star next the the address bar.

The bookmark manager can be accessed in the tools menu (the wrench in the top right corner) or Ctrl + Shift + B.

The bookmark bar can be enabled from the tools menu as well, and also Ctrl + B.

You can export your bookmarks from FireFox in HTML format, and import them to Chrome in the bookmark manager.