07 September 2010

To remember and let go - Lost Season 6 Finale sums it up!

Lost Season 6 ended yesterday. It kept me awake for pretty long in the night. Apart from the superb cast and gripping plot, there’s something more about Lost that will stay with me for some time, hopefully for ever.

Lost is, after all, about faith, love, seeking, and finding. What stops us from reaching is that we haven’t started yet. What stops from believing is that we think it’s too difficult. Which it might as well be. Yet, we can’t give up trying, for, if we do, we are no longer living.

The struggle to believe, to keep the faith, to love, to heal, to remember, to let go, and to move on informs Lost, as it does life.

Lost was a microcosm of life as we see it all around us, only told through the guise of a story. The island was not just a place where the usual adventures that bring in the TRPs happened, it was also a place for adventures for the soul.

What are we supposed to do, if there’s no one to give instructions? What are we to make of our life?

Where are we supposed to be, where are we supposed to go?

Where, anyway, are we, and who, anyway, are we?

Are we born with our strengths and gifts or do we find them? Are they finite or can we grow them?

These are a few of the important questions that thread through Lost.

I never thought a TV series could touch me so, but it has. And, now I can’t wait for Season 7 (yes, you read it right, SEASON 7!!).

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