13 August 2004

The musical sixth sense

This happens to me sometimes: when I hear a thread of music, somehow I know what follows, and I hum along though I may have never heard it at all.

The first time this happened was during a tea break in a film festival. It was Irish music, fresh like mint. And suddenly I was drumming my fingers on the armrest in perfect harmony. Mind you, the music was quite fast, and went this way and that.

I almost felt the music running in my brain. Ya, I have had some basic training in Carnatic music. But I am really amazed. How does this happen? And I have seen that this happens usually with instrumental classical or folk music. Maybe these genres of music are based on some templates that are hardwired in your musically-oriented genes? So that people from any part of the world can respond to music created elsewhere?

Or as someone said, you cannot be taught anything. You already know. You just discover it. What’s waiting to happen is the discovery, not the learning. Don’t know if I am making myself clear here, but cant explain any better. It’s a kind of musical sixth sense. Yes, that’s the word.

Has anyone felt this before?


PerfectJaymz said...

Firstly, gud to see pinky cat or rather the pinky blog cat (HE!HE!HE!)
Well, I totally understand what you are trying to say and have felt that way a couple of times at Bangalore Habba, Vasantha Habba.

Vijayalaxmi said...

Really Goldie cat? It's such a feeling, aint it? BY the way when did you start blogging? But i cant open your blog. the URL was not found on the server