12 August 2004

Why I want to blog?

I am a pretty late blogging convert. Increasingly, I find too few spaces for ‘expression’ of any kind, except something that’s crassly commercial. When I come back home from work and see the pathway littered with neon-lit billboards, I feel stuck in the city. But am no romantic and going away from the city doesn’t help.

I am not actually talking only about billboards, if you get what I mean. The billboard phobia is just symptomatic.

What I am talking about is just a lack of space. There’s something that I also observed in myself: the need to talk, to discuss, to observe something beautiful around you, to connect.

But I guess there’s more to why I am here than just catering to a personal need. Will discover it along the way.

And I just hope to God that I am regular.


Anonymous said...

I read your blog.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog. Nice

Anonymous said...

i liked the write up...
best of luck!

Vijayalaxmi said...

Hey guys, if I know you, do leave your names on your comment.

Anonymous said...

HI it is very nice indeed. how did you manage it? good work. keep it up

Anonymous said...

good luck and may more writing happen

Anonymous said...

hi Viju,
great going! Very impressive, I must say and truly you.
It is good to know people wish to write honestly about what they feel within themselves. it may not make sense to others for sometime or sometimes we have problems explaining what we feel, but nevertheless we must make an effort and I am sure people do get it , may be little late , but they do!

sushumna said...

nice to hear from you....I struggled quite a bit to create this id and post at your blogsite

thi is going like MAIL...I AM CONFUSED.

will write again...