08 September 2004

Why did the chicken cross the road?

This is some of the funniest stuff I have read recently. I think these guys would really have replied as described here:

The famous question... "Why did the chicken cross the
road ?" when put before a few Indian personalities(?)...
Well...this is what they Zimply had to say.....

Question: "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

Azharuddin:"I am totally innocent, you know, I'm
unnecessarily being dragged into this, you
know, because I'm from the minority..... I
neither know the chicken nor the road, you

Deve Gowda:"zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....mmmm...mm... chicken ???
Thanks, I'll have it later !! mm.. snooore...

Fernandes:"I am deeply hurt that this question is being
asked after my 40 clean years of public life.
I don't own a house, or a car, leave alone a
chicken !!!"

Mulayam:"I demand a 50% reservation of the road for the
chicken class, so that they can cross the road
freely without their motives being questioned"

Abdul Kalam:"Yes, why did the chickens cross the road?
... please tell me why? .. they crossed to
go to the other side of the road... now
repeat after me ...."

Advani:"I see the hands of Pakistan in this ..."

Vatal Nagaraj:"No Tamil or outside chickens will be
allowed to cross our roads, our roads are
meant only for Kanadiga chickens!".

Bal Thackrey:"Chickens crossing the roads is against our
culture, my followers (goondas) will stone
all such chickens which cross the road".

Jayalalitha:"From reliable sources I've got the
information that the chicken belongs to
Karunanidhi. He is making his chicken cross
the road to create law & order problems. The
chicken has now been imprisoned under POTO".

Mamta Baneerji:"Ib I'm made Union Railbay minstaar, I
bill chee that chickans will trable by
train... no cross road anymoore!".

A.K Antony:"Zimmmmply! ...that's a question you should
ask Karunakuran..Heee, heee."

Amitabh Bhachan:"The chicken has crossed the road?.. are
you sure.. very sure ... really sure..."

Sonia Ghandhi:"That the chicken crossed the road clearly
demonstrates the fact that the people and
chicken have lost confidence in the
Government. The Government should own
moral responsibility and resign!!!"

Venkata Naidu:"We are very sure of the fact that the
chicken did not cross the road. It's a
conspiracy by the congress to bring the
Government down. The poor chicken has been
made a scapegoat in this whole issue"

Surjeet:"We are adopting a wait and watch policy. We
have convened a meeting of the third front
today. We will decide the future course of
action after the chicken comes back.."

Menaka Gandhi:"Chicken crossed the road alone...!! If a
vehicle had passed over it, we would have
lost one of our dearest creature. Ban all
vehicles from using the road. Protect our

Salman Khan:"I ran over the chicken (Hic!). It was not
intentional ... It was accidental (Hic!)...
... you're now asking this question to me
only because I'm a celebrity(Hic!)".

Abu Salem:"Hmmm delicious chicken ... Monica darling want
a bite ... now what was that question!?"

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