20 May 2005

Things going on in my head

1. What is computerized abortion?
2. How many trees’ names do you know?
3. And have you seen that there are so many greens, and so many leaf shapes?
4. Whose duty is it to carry the condoms at all times, the man or the woman’s?
5. Bring 20 human beings randomly together, and you have the most entertaining movie script ready. And, as a friend said, either it can be an out-and-out comedy, or a murder mystery.
6. Yes, it’s good to be back on blogger. I am now fully married and all. No tips to those who run away from the knot. Any earlier advice regretted and taken back ;)
7. What do I want in life? To do something that I have studied for, and dreamed of? Or pursue an idiotic ‘career’ for the sake of the moolah? Prioritise sex, money, love and you’ll probably give Buddha a run for his gyan.

My thoughts are random.


Ubermensch said...

>>A tip to all those who run away from the knot: marry your bestest friend, and you’ll never feel married. It’s like hanging out together.
look what it does for even the best of us,
hardly few days and u r alread sounding like an auntie....:)))
good luck
oh no i really mean it:))
ps yeah still over awed by noise and million heads around.. shall let u know if happen to drop by.:)

Vijayalaxmi said...

Check the post now. Grin. Will do anything to be not called an auntie ;)

Do drop by.

Me said...

yo VIJI........... heyheyehy welcome back to blogger land. Nice to see u all hail and happy and in ur normal confused state (all is well with the world!). Miss u at work, study, freepress, breaking story do it all - will be watching.

Vijayalaxmi said...

hey spliffey girl, I miss you too. And thank god, I am still confused. The world survives on my fuzzy thoughts!!

Me said...

an after thought on the condom question : it don't matter who brings it along - just remember "no action if one aint availabe" - lol

Sudarshan said...

Welcome back auntyji. No.4 is an interesting point but wonder why pills are not mentioned ;).

Vijayalaxmi said...

ay' ay' spliff

Sudu: Arre buddhu, this is about a scenario where there might not be even time to think of condoms, let alone pills ;)

Vijayalaxmi said...

And sudu, nanu ninage en madidde, nee nannanu aanti ennalu :(

Sudu said...

Thats from the junta dictionary....once you are married, you are aunty, naturally ;)...and yeah looks like the lady's ready to get into the act at the drop of a hat or whatever ;)..go slow gal, you have all the time in the world ;)

Finny Forever said...

damn - viji - ue talking like some sex queen now that ur married. u needntshowoff.

MomentsOfTruth said...

Nice One..I kinda fritter away too like this sometimes , aadre thumba
verbose aagogathe ;))