09 June 2005

Powerless against PowerPoint

More than anything else in this world, right now I miss my computer the most. And yes, I cant believe that it’s me who said this just now. The thoughts just wont come out on paper as they do on a comp. There’s something magical that happens when you see your words on screen. Oh yes, you can see it on paper, too. But, (aaaaaaaaaargh), didn’t work for me.

Lately, I have been subjected to a downpour of PowerPoint presentations, any my brain has declared total hartal. It simply refuses to acknowledge any information that is presented through PowerPoint. It automatically switches off when the presentation begins. Why, why in the name of God was PowerPoint invented, when a simple whiteboard and marker would do? Why, oh why?!!

Please, all those who have anything to say about PowerPoint, please say it. It might just soothe your soul. Who knows, we might just form a PowerPoint-battered club. Of course, management geeks can and will defend it. Lazy bums, and unimaginative brains!!

For the last month, I have been living in Bombay, and it has been pretty decent. Moolah doesn’t really matter. You can have fun anyways. Because, if nothing else, you can look at the sea, see the sun off into the bay, stretch your comp-strained eyes over the horizon, and suddenly you are not thinking any more. Sunsets do that to me. They have an amazing way of dissolving your thoughts.

I can watch the sea day after day and never be tired. Without the sea, Bombay is any other city. And the local trains, of course!

'Public pissing', 'women pissing', 'Debonair', 'why women cheat', are the hot search terms that are bringing people to my blog. ROTFL


Swaroop C H said...

More power to you Viju ;)

I prefer a simple list of things on paper/printout rather than flowing slides and whirls and what-not in PowerPoint. I guess sometimes PowerPoint is used to impress rather than get the point across and comes in handy :)

Misch said...

hello i am jealous now! and stupid woman gimme your new number... called and called and no one picks up. give it pronto n btw my nos changing too... will u give u the new one!
PS: Love the sunsets in bombay too!

Vijayalaxmi said...

Hey swaroop, your new template is quite nice.

Mischi: All you jealous cats can now rest. I am in sweaty sticky Cal. But just wait till the monsoon starts. Will make you jealous all over again. Grin.

Rabin said...

After 6 years of making powerpoint presentations, its second nature to make one. Whats interesting is that a powerpointer that everyone feverishly works on for days would be redundant and forgotten a few seconds after it is presented. (Views, ideas included).

A great way to spend a corporate day without doing anything!

Hey I like your blog too. Thanks for visiting :)

Swaroop C H said...


I've book-tagged[1] you, hope you don't mind :)

[1]: http://www.swaroopch.info/archives/2005/06/18/book-tagged/

Vijayalaxmi said...

R: Six years of making PowerPoint presos???!!! You must be in investment banking then... oh yes, I remember readin something like that on your blog.

Swaroop: Sure, will oblige. Actually I was pretending to have not read your book tag post. Grin.

Gags said...

Oh Viji reading this blog today suddenly reminded me of those excrutiatingly painful days of blankly staring at ppts and feigning concentration and understanding when having understood nothing at all!! oh yeah-i also miss the sea. That's the best part of that city..the beautiful sea. How one could unwind at the beaches. Sadly Kolkata lacks it.