21 June 2005

Borrowed thoughts

A friend's thoughts:

How do women conditioned to a "ruthlessly male chauvinist" society accept and go by male chauvinist values? Women in such societies adhere to, and judge the worth of men by, male chauvinist and vainglorious ideas of 'machismo'--- even though they rightly dismiss such ideas as silly.
I wonder if masochism, supposedly inherent in women, encouraged male chauvinism and sadism. Did (masochistic) mothers knowingly or unknowingly sow the seed of male chauvinism into their male babies, so that they would grow up and create an environment in which women's masochistic urges would find fulfilment?

Before the coming of the Aryans, Greek islands were inhabited by non-Aryan matriarchal/matrilineal tribes. That matriarchy was deeply ingrained among them is evidenced by the clashes portrayed in Greek drama between the Erinys and Apollo; in Greek mythology, between Zeus and Hera, his non-Aryan consort, etc.
Could such an established matriarchal set-up give way before the patriarchal Aryan invaders without some catalyst such as the innate masochism among its women helping the process?Matriarchy has been wiped out from the civilized world (even though matriliny ligers in pockets).
I wonder if this wasn't because a matriarchal set-up never did satisfy the woman's innate masochism. And so, may be the woman helped to create an anti-woman ethos---so that she might derive a masochistic satisfaction from railing at the lack of consideration, the cruelty, and the injustice of the patriarchal society she quietly helped to create!
This is a new view to me. But I had always pondered how the present societal order came to be. I am still thinking about of this.
What do you say?


lostkiddie said...

Hali illade daudayisuthiruva yochana lahariya railu. wish they issued license to bloggers and that you weren't eligible for one.

just kidding! keep em coming. i've followed your blog from the time of your post on capital punishment for rape accused, way back a year ago.

Vijayalaxmi said...

eesala idu nanna railalla. Borrowed antha helilva? :)

Hey, you have been here a long time. Modale yaake helalilla? I think at least now I am quite qualified for that licence. I can show readership dating back to a year!!

Ubermensch said...

hmm...in other words...
masochism definitely cannot be a thrivable virtue in matriarchal system, hence the virtue was preserved by projecting a contrary system.This is not a new idea.Not atleast to me.
In threatened ego-identities denial would form a principle definition.
eg: atheism?
who are you...??

i dont believe in god.that am i.
god defines the paradox in the definition.if god or the concept of (god/it/he/she/£/%) doesnt exist , atheist cant exist.but that forms the irony.
another recent one in china/iran...cencorship of blogs to preserve democracy.
since the only way democracy can be furthered in such non democractic states is by cenorship..which is absolute negation of democracy.
so there...
what is itching me is why should the virtue...''masochism''be preserved at the sacrifice of a system..''matriarchy''?
more later...
btw good friend uve got there?

Sanjay M said...

idhru bagge yen ansuthe nimage noDi...

Vijayalaxmi said...

Swalpa busy ideeni. Onderadu divasa bittu bareetheeni. Article odide.