11 July 2005

Hemangini's train journey

Guess I read this pretty late. So, if you havent already read Hemangini's story, read it here: http://hemanginigupta.blogspot.com/2005/06/train-to-chennai.html


Praveen Bhat said...

An unfortunate, sad, disgusting incident that thankfully did get the sick person behind bars. As the author says almost everyone had something to share from their own exps.

A friend of mine was travelling and a similar incident occurred with a lady on the upper berth, that he got into talking with. He wasn't sure if he should react because he didn't know if the girl was responding too! After a while, she yelled and then the other fella got a scolding. Sadly, he got away with that; he'd vanished before the day's break.

Prometheus said...

Hey Viji,

I read this thing yesterday. I wish that, none of the people we know, go through such a harrowing experience.