12 August 2005

IE problems

If you are seeing some HTML code stuff on the post below... I cant do anything about it. Simply because I dont have the time. But hope its not lookin too bad.


Livelylawry said...

hi sihikahi madam,
happened to search for jyoti sanyal on google, and your blog popped out in the first page! good, it reminded me of sending greetings to my teachers today. so hows life in telegraph... hey your searching your name on the google pulls out not only your blog but also your telegraph story! great you are already an internet celebrity. hey if print personalities are known as page 3 celebrities, then what would be the internet version...

Anonymous said...

how do you add favourite blogs onto your page... please guide a late comer!

Vijayalaxmi said...

hey levineee

That needs a lil bit of html code tweaking.

Mailnalli bareetheeni