12 August 2005


Sihikahi turns one today! Happy Birthday to Sihikahi!! Long Live Sihikahi!! I just hope I can be more regular at least in the coming year.

When I began blogging, I knew hardly anyone on the blogosphere. And then people messaged me, mailed me solely on the basis of what I wrote on the blog. Today, thanks to Blogger, I have some solid friends: Shyam, Uber, Swaroop, Praveen. And got to know interesting people: Asya, Uma, Hemangini, Secrets. And then the friends whom I got to know in the physical world. Their blogs actually gave me an insight into them: Finny, Mish, Leviathan, Spliff, Robin .

But I know I could have done so much more with my blog, if I really had the time. So many times there are bloggable things in my head, but I hardly get to put it there.

Since day one of blogging, my interest and conviction in blogging has only grown. I have tried other forms of online interactivity – chatrooms ;), e-groups, Orkut, -- but none as appealing as blogging.

Revisiting some posts from the year gone by:

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(A beautiful discovery)


Swaroop C H said...

Happy blog-birthday! :-)

- Swaroop

Praveen Bhat said...

Happy blog day :) I missed mine a few months back, but then again, I don't celebrate b'days as s/much!

Here's wishing ya a long blog journey ahead (and also hoping that you drop by mine more :)

And of course, thanks for the mention.

Sham said...

ಹುಟ್ಟುಹಬ್ಬದ ಶುಭಾಷಯಗಳು