31 August 2006

Found on a bookmark

'The path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom.

'The pleasure of satisfying a savage instinct undomesticated by the ego is incomparably much more intense then the one of satisfying a tamed instinct. The reason is becoming the enemy that prevents us from a lot of possibilities of pleasure.'

-- Source unknown


Anonymous said...

the colour scheme is all off. random remark i know, but orange on white makes the text highly unreadable. dont know if its too late to ask u to change the format. perhaps u think im being a jerk! ;-)

Vijayalaxmi said...

Anonymous: Oh, Oh. I didnt realise it was difficult to read. Actually, I looked at it and could read it quite ok. Anyways, will change the colour. Never too late.

But'd love it if you dont remain anonymous :)

Finny Forever said...

satisfying a savage instinct? can be dangerous. still one of the most satisying moments of my life was when i dug my 4-year old teeth into my big sis's fleshy upper arm. she screamed but i was unmoved and in perfect ecstacy.
also isnt ego part of the savage instinct?
or maybe i'm makign simple pleasures too complex.

Vijayalaxmi said...

Wow, Finny. Am proud to know you. Ego is not really the savage instinct, the Id is.

davidhowse said...

Don't want to sound like a
know-it-all but...

these are two seperate quotes.. the first is by William Blake (an English Poet) and the second MAY be by Freud.

What the second quote is saying is the id is the savage instinct, the ego should actually be written as the super ego, the thing in our brain that keeps the ego and id in check. I guess saying super ego sounds a little unpoetic.
But taking pleasure in violence is the work of the id and so is using drugs for pleasure. The less guilt or "reason" we have regarding our act of pleasure the more enjoyable "intense" the pleasure will be.

Viju said...

Hey david, welcome :)

I didnt know they were two different quotes (but they fit so perfectly, dont they?), nor did I know the source.

The stuff about Freud... yeah, they said so in college.

But why cant I access your profile? :(

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't have one ??? I get so swamped witht the Internet. If you are on FaceBook search david howse in the Vancouver network (Canada).

What I find amazing is that the Freud quote is not mentioned very much. But I am back to do a copy and paste of it so I can use it in a Philosophy of War paper. I also spoke with an Anthropology professor about the quote as well.

Freud is pretty transendental when it comes to acamdemic study!