31 October 2014

Will the Havyaka community please stand up?


I have decided to not publish any more comments that go on about why Raghaveshwara Bharati Swami is above the law, or respond to them. I have published enough dissenting comments and replied to them, so it's not as if this a one-sided conversation.

To me, this is simple enough and for the life of me, I cannot fathom what's so unfathomable to the  bhakta-trolls, who're busy spewing venom across the internet and coming up with one conspiracy theory after another.

They go on and on about why they think Premalatha Diwakar's statement is not the gospel of truth and, hence, this case is false. The latest I heard about why we should disbelieve Premalatha is that there is no witness to her 'alleged' rape, hence she's lying.

Are rapes done with witnesses hanging about?

I am astounded. Amazed. Disgusted. Sick to the stomach. And, sometimes, even amused at the lack of ingenuity of these zombies. These people are no less criminals than rapists and no punishment is enough for them, as they poison the society with illogic, unreason, and misogyny.

The person who made this comment is not worthy of my answer, my time, and my intellect.  

When did we, as a society, lose what we call in Kannada - vivechana shakti - the power to think and reason?

Who are you and I to say who's guilty or not? Is this the new way we're going to decide cases? How are we different from a khap panchayat then? God forbid, is there a fatwa coming? What, pray, shall we do with these institutions that we have created called the executive, the judiciary, and the government?

What concerns me now is not so much the Premalatha Diwakar case. My faith is unshaken that she will get justice. But the concern is the disappearance(?) of a community known for its gentle ways, its accommodative nature, and agrarian spirit of living together. The quality of bhakta-trolls is as worse as any other trolls. I thought I came from a community of educated and courteous people, but the language of the bhakta-trolls is as bad as any over the internet. What have we turned into?

There are many among the Havyaka community who do not side with the bhakta-trolls, but their silence, and fear of being bhaka-trolled feeds these low-life creatures. It is to them that I appeal to break their silence and demand that the law be given precedence over all else. You do not need to take a stand for or against anybody, but demand that everyone be treated equally before the law.

For, if you don't do this, you will be supporting adharma by your silence and passivity. So, c'mon people. Speak up. Speak to your family, your neighbours, the journalist friend you know, the cop you have contacts with, your MLA, your chief minister... Do not stop until we have established again that the Havyaka community is a law-abiding one.


lively lawry said...

Sihikahi madam,
an old ghost came back to haunt your blog and was aghast to find some much of Kahi!!! why such angst against your beloved Havyakas? when the entire nation doesnt have vivechana shakti, how do you expect them to have one?
Malenaadu Laari

Vijayalaxmi Hegde said...

Lawry, namaskaara :) Long time since you been here and then what posts to come across! It's more angst than kahi, I'd say.

I didnt expect havyakas to be any sort of superhumans, but some havyaks' behaviour, of late, have astonished me by their crassness. But then, you're right. Why expect Havyaks to behave any better than the rest of the country? I guess it's just the optimist in me - stupid fellow - who needs to be whacked on the head from time to time. I shouldnt expect better, but it's just my nature to :)