05 December 2014

An okay for a medical test in rape case seems like a huge leap for justice

Update on 12 December 2014: Swami's DNA has matched with that found on the clothes submitted by the rape victim.   Will try to post a link to this news in English soon. 

Raghaveshwara Swami was accused of rape in the last week of August. The Karnataka HC today okayed his medical test, which is one of the first steps to be carried out in a rape case. For those not in the know, please see my post here that recaps the events in this case till about mid-October.

From the start of the case, the rape victim and her family have undergone an unbelievable ordeal. Why unbelievable? Because, no rape victim since Nirbhaya has perhaps had to face such a witchhunt as she and her family has. Most recently, the newspaper Kannada Prabha hit under the belt by publishing a 'leaked' forensic report of the clothes the victim had submitted. The paper said it found the semen of two men on her clothes, and not one, as she had submitted. You see where this is going. 

But at the same time, they also said they couldnt find the woman's DNA on the clothes. Now you cant see where this is going. That's okay, you dont know how to write up fake reports.

The Swami had questioned the provisions of the Indian Penal Code that state that medical tests need to be carried out on rape accused. His grounds were that such tests violated his rights of privacy. Yes, you read it right. This happened in modern day Karnataka.
Yet, despite everything, today there is fresh hope. Yes, despite the silence of big media, politicians, the chief minister, women's rights groups(?). Despite the apathy of the apoliticals, the taunts and insults of the rabidly faithful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vijayalakshmi,

I saw one of your tweets in response to another tweet by Modi Does Things. I decided to follow your link posted on your Twitter home page and finally I was directed to your blog here.

Just now, I have read most of your blogs and found that they are not only logical but also truthful and honest, as is the case with posting on Sri Raghaveshwara issue. I agree with most of your arguments. It was wonderful reading them. Kudos to your courage and honesty.

Vijayalaxmi Hegde said...

Thanks, Anonymous. Would've been great if you'd left your name :)