26 October 2004

I want my mom forever

When my parents came over for Dasara last week, I realized that mom is growing old. She complained of sleep problems. Not very serious, though. But it pained me to see the onslaught of age on her. Because she is such a young-looking, beautiful, lively, friendly, 'cool,' person.

When the pillars you lean on, succumb to gradual unavoidable forces, it is a little unnerving. That means, someday you will be without those pillars. Of course, thousands of people have never had any pillars in the first place. But I have always had them. It's difficult to think of a time without her. She's my best friend.


Ubermensch said...

i read sumwhere ..... there is only one person who loves u unconditionally all ur life ... ur mum...how wud that feeel?

Vijayalaxmi said...

Not all mothers love unconditonally. But I guess most of them do.

Praveen Bhat said...

I'm sorry I couldn't help commenting... if its conditional, its not love! Well, I think I'm missing mom now :(

Vijayalaxmi said...

Hey, no need to be sorry. Sigh, everyone's missing mom

Anonymous said...

have we not lernt to say, that nothing is unconditional or unconditioned...for that metter?
how can we differentiate and say that some can and others cannot love unconditionally? is it the same as saying some people are bad and others good?

to ask seriously a similar and different question.....is there a difference between love in the west and love here? some of my students had said that there was a difference.
well, speculations on this difference are welcome.