28 October 2004

Rasheda Kausar

Dont dig deep, just scratch the surface. And you'll find so many women like Rasheda Kausar, both in rural and urban India. I have interviewed a bunch of their tribe, in my brief career as a journalist. Their confidence, inspite of what they have gone through, will leave any corporate, 'personality developed' woman sadly wanting.

No sprucing up, they are always naturally 'packaged.' The strength of a woman is indeed overawing.

Rasheda Kausar
Businesswoman, Bhagalpur, Bihar

In her 47 years of existence, Rasheda Kausar's proudest possession has been a 15-year-old sewing machine. Not a Pentium-era contraption, just a chip of the old block that's now her life. (Read more ...)

Remember Salumarada Thimmakka?

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