01 October 2004

On a lazy Friday afternoon in office

I want to get away from the city. From the honking cars and carbon monoxide. From the sight of plastic-eating cows.
Want to get up in the morning and smile. Want to read each letter of the newspaper like a novel. Savour each empty minute like cappuccino.
Want to do some goddamn uncool thing like reading a book and staying at home.
To do something about the overflowing dustbin near my house, like joining Janaagraha.
Want to look into your eyes and make a face at you.
Want to answer a child's questions about why there aren’t any black flowers.
Want to sit with my granma (god, she's here for a very short time) and tape all the home remedies she knows, so I can tell my kid.
Want to stare into a starry smokeless sky and not know when I fell asleep.
Want to earn a lot of money and adopt a child, and many more, God willing.
Want to have a flat tummy ;)
So goes my life …

Right now, my mind is vacant, courtesy my job. I am beginning to learn to switch it off and on. I am not thinking or feeling anything. Just reading random blogs, listening to random music. As I write this, I am beginning to miss home, parents, loved ones, friends, and want to be any place other than office. Sigh, tranquility is short-lived. But work goes on :(


Praveen Bhat said...

Sounds like yet another Friday. Great thoughts, I second most of those. Wish you a great time with granma & kids and good luck at other aims.


Anonymous said...

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